Ramsay Farms

Quality breeding stock and companion animals

Sale Rules

  • Animals will be removed from the sale list only if paid in full.  A 25% non refundable deposit is required within 7days; this will put the sheep on "reserve" for 3 weeks (customers interested in a "reserved" animal will have the option of being put on a list for it).  Payment in full is due upon pickup or 4 weeks, whichever we determine is workable.  Unless we have agreed to a special arrangement of extended care, any animal not paid for and picked up within 4 weeks is returned to the sale list with NO refund of deposit.
  • There is a 10% discount on purchases of three or more animals.
  • Buyer is responsible for the payment of health papers, any testing that is required by the buyer, and transportation costs (shipping or delivery)
  • There is no horn guarantee on the Shetland rams unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • The price of the animal reflects what we feel the animal is worth, plus the added costs of testing our animals annually for OPP, Johne's and CL.

Animals for sale

Simmental cattle -
Nothing at this time. If you would like to reserve a calf for 2014 please contact me and I can put you on our waiting list. Fall sales of grass fed/grown calves is a possibility. Please inquire.

Bluefaced Leicester Sheep -
Nothing at this time.

Shetland Sheep -
Everything I offer, I myself, would use for breeding, or have used for breeding. Breed characteristics and type are standard for all animals sold.

We have approximately 30 adult ewes and 15 yearling ewes we would consider selling. Registered prices $300-500. Unregistered $150.
We have 5 adult rams and 5 yearling rams that will be available. Prices for registered sheep are $300-$600.

I can deliver for transportation costs.

THANK YOU to all the buyers that have purchased stock from me! I look forward to serving you again in the future!