Ramsay Farms

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Sale Rules

  • Animals will be removed from the sale list only if paid in full.  A 50% non refundable deposit is required within 7 days; this will put the sheep on "reserve" for 2 weeks (customers interested in a "reserved" animal will have the option of being put on a list for it).  Payment in full is due upon pickup or 2 weeks, whichever we determine is workable.  Unless we have agreed to a special arrangement of extended care, any animal not paid for and picked up within 2 weeks is returned to the sale list with NO refund of deposit.
  • Purchase of 2 ewes minimum
  • Buyer is responsible for the payment of health papers, any testing that is required by the buyer, and transportation costs (shipping or delivery)
  • There is no horn guarantee on the Shetland rams unless otherwise agreed upon.

Animals for sale

updated 12/16/21

due to severe drought, time commitment for day job and our other hobbies, we have decided it is best to sell our flocks that are not Shetland. while we hope to always have a few ewes of the other breeds, we are not in a position to keep breeding flock.

Simmental cattle -
We do have some old Simmental frozen semen available.

Shetland Sheep - a few yearling rams and adult ewes.

Leicester Longwool - Our entire nucleus flock of 9 ewes (4 colored, 5 white) and one white ram are available to the right home.
Romeldale/CVM - Our entire nucleus flock of 9 ewes (2 white, the rest natural colored) and two rams are available to the right home.
Gotland - our nucleus flock of 3 ewes and one ram are available to the right home. 

THANK YOU to all the buyers that have purchased stock from me! I look forward to serving you again in the future!