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Reasons for AI

AI is the fastest way to improve your stock whether it is with frozen, chilled or fresh. With our cattle it is usually frozen and the results are 80-90% settling rate when AI'ed. With our sheep they are also frozen, but not able to be AI'ed like our cattle so they are done Laproscopically, which is more time and money consuming, but well worth it. Settling rates are 60-75% typically but our first two years of doing AI we had 100%!

Some educational links on AI and LAI.



2022 LAI

With prospects of new rams coming over in January of 2022, we will be doing our first LAI with our sheep since 2009! this is a huge goal we have had since we started back with shetlands and we plan to use some of our stored semen that we have been saving, as well as some of the potentially new rams that will be hopefully coming over in 2022. stay tuned!

Sheep LAI 2009

We used the following rams in our 2009 LAI.

Heights Orion 

Shirehill Minder
Heatheram Lightning
Willowcroft Jamie
Greenholme Holly
Campaign Timothy
Todhill Jericho

Please check our blog for the results of this A.I.!

Imported Bull Semen from the UK!

March 2009 - With the help of Rob Wills of UK Sires, I am happy to announce the importation of the first British Simmental to the USA!

Many thanks to Penny Lally for helping me with the first bull: CORSKE RADIUM! Radium is a very correct bull who loves to show and has been very fortunate enough to win several shows thanks to the judges!

My second thanks go to Rory Bell (also of BFL fame) for helping me with the securing of the straws for DIRNANEAN SALVADOR! Salvador is also a very stunning boy and I am very excited to see how these bulls produce on my girls!

Also thanks go to my friend Kim Nikolai for helping to acquire these straws! She is new to cattle and is going to also be using both bulls on the girls that she has purchased from me! I'm pretty excited !!


We just finished up our first LAI (laproscopic artificial insemination) with our sheep! Ten Shetland ewes were bred. They were due March 21st give or take a few days. All 10 did settle to the AI and we had 14 rams and 3 ewes born. I know...unreal huh?

Heights Orion was bred to the following 6 ewes:

FirthofFifth Booto - F1 Timothy - 53% UK -Fawn Katmoget
Single fawn katmoget ram lamb
FirthofFifth Rooibos - fawn - 25% UK
Single fawn ram lamb
Underhill Peep - musket - 50% UK (F2 Greyling, F2 Jamie)
Twins, musket and moorit. Both appear to be poll carriers (from their mom)
RYL Rachildas - F3 Lightning - white illget -- 12.5% UK
twin white rams
FirthofFifth Evidence of Autumn - mioget - 25% UK
twins, one fawn ewe and one mioget ram
Justalit'l Black Lambo - black - 25% UK
twins, fawn ewe and fawn ram

Greenholme Holly was bred to the following ewe:
Justalit'l Chloe - F2 Minder - 33% UK - fawn katmoget
twins, gray katmoget ram, moorit smirslet katmoget ewe

Willowcroft Jamie was bred to the following ewe:

River Oaks Lucy - gray katmoget - 34 % UK
black single ram. smooth polled (from mother)

Shirehill Minder was bred to the following ewe:
Underhill Ulla - moorit - 25% UK
twin rams - fawn katmoget and yuglet sokket musket!

Campaign Timothy was bred to the following ewe:
Justalit'l Shasta - 25% UK - gray flecket smirslet ewe
twin rams, Ag gray and black