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BlueFaced Leicesters

The Bluefaced Leicester is one of the largest of the native British Longwool breeds and the most prolific. The ever increasing popularity of the Bluefaced Leicester is a reflection of its success as a premier breed for the purebred breeder, the hand spinner, and as a sire for the production of commercial crossbred ewes known as mules. The Bluefaced Leicester is truly a multi-purpose breed.You will discover the positive influence it can have on your flock as we introduce you to the Bluefaced Leicester.

While BFLs are known for their huge popularity as a crossing sire on upland and hill purebred ewes, the BFL is also known for its fine fleeces. 

 In 2015 I purchased two yearling ewes from Nancy Starkey of Maryland to restart my breeding program with the BFLs. Stay tuned for the future lambs on this page!